About My Firm

The road to reaching your financial goals is not always as
straight and smooth as you would like. Strategic Tax Group is
the partner you need to help you steer clear of any surprises,
and pitfalls that may happen along your journey. We treat
your individual, estate, and business tax needs with the
utmost care and attention to detail, to help you achieve your
financial goals.

Tax Services
Strategic Tax Group offers a wide array of services tailored
to meet your specific tax needs, including:
♦Tax return preparation and compliance
♦Comprehensive tax planning and consulting
♦Tax free exchange planning
♦Estate and gift planning
♦Strategies to minimize taxes
♦IRS issues

Tax Solutions
Our expertise in tax and business matters allows us to cater
to each client’s specific set of circumstances—whether they
are entrepreneurs, owners of closely held business,
partners of a firm, or high net worth individuals.

We help our clients achieve their business, and personal
financial goals by taking a proactive approach to minimize tax
obligations, and by providing you the specific and relevant
information to make educated planning decisions for the


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